[How to make cantaloupe yogurt sago]_ Homecoming practice of cantaloupe sago _ How to make cantaloupe sago _ How to make cantaloupe sago

Getting out early and returning home every day has become the daily mode of many office workers. It is overworked and has no time to take care of others. When I go home to wash, I want to fall down and sleep, but every day I ca n’t help but miss the deliciousness of home-cooked dishes. In fact, this cantaloupe yogurtSimilu does not need to spend a lot of time and income.

1. Prepare the following ingredients 2. Clean the green seedless grapes and plums, peel the cantaloupe, cut into pieces for use 3, boil water in the pot and pour in sago 4, process . 5, process . 6,It has been cooked for 6 minutes, 7, 8 minutes, and 8, 0 minutes, so that the heat can be turned off. Simmer for 1-2 minutes. 9. Remove it. Rinse it in cold water a few times. Set aside for 10. Put it in the dishes.Add yogurt, then add another layer of fruit 11, add some yogurt, and add another layer of fruit 12, the finished product!

Fruits can be added or removed as you like.

13. It looks like a fruit salad 14 in the distance. This meal has a package. Those who like to eat cold can be put in the refrigerator. Let them be chilled and eat more comfortably. 15 In fact, the fruits are more nutritious.Put more yogurt and it’s delicious, personal suggestion!

Add honey or sugar properly, it will be more sweet and sour!

A healthy body is an important prerequisite for us to do what we like. The method of cantaloupe yogurt sago is simple and suitable for the taste of most people.