[How to steam the cold noodles constantly]_How to make_How to make

In the summer, most people like to eat cold noodles with a taste of Q bomb and delicious taste.

Of course, in addition to buying Liangpi in a Liangpi shop, everyone can also make Liangpi at home on the basis of mastering certain methods.

However, in order to make the cold noodles produced continuously, you need to master certain skills and methods.

Now let’s introduce in detail the four essentials of homemade tendon cold skin!

Essentials of homemade cold noodles: Selection of flour Homemade cold noodles should be replaced with high-gluten flour that removes the flour improver. The cold noodles made with this flour have the most glutinous taste, and low-gluten flour or flour rich in improver are not good.

Essentials of homemade glutinous cold skin 2: Mixing noodles and washing gluten is the key to making cold noodles transparent. The key point of not drying is to wash gluten. Be sure to completely wash out the gluten from the flour. If there is protein in the final slurry,The finished cold skin cannot be transparent, the skin will become brittle and dry easily.

In order to clean the gluten, we can use the following methods: 1. Add 1g of fine salt to every 100g of dry flour and mix well, because salt can make the dough more gluten and wash out more gluten.
2. The use of warm water and noodles is beneficial to the production of gluten. The amount of warm water is more than half of the flour, calculated by weight.

3. Knead the dough a few times after it is reconciled. The smoother and smoother it is, the better the gluten generation. After kneading, it will be proofed for another 30 minutes.

Tip: The dough made in this way is the most suitable for washing gluten, so that it can be cleaned.

Tips for making your own glutinous cold skin 3: The treatment of noodles water The second key point of making noodles transparent is the treatment of noodles water. Be sure to fully settle the noodles water for one night, and try to completely pour the upper waterIn this way, the purity of the starch paste in the lower layer can be ensured, resulting in a higher cold skin.

Or, put a strong gluten meter in the batter, a cold rubber band, and a little borax.

Make sure the noodles are glutinous and delicious.

Tips for making homemade cold skin 4: The starch paste concentration The starch paste left behind can be measured with a Pomegranate hydrometer. If the paste concentration is 17?
18 boll is the best, this concentration leads to the coldest of the cold skin.